Combating the Great Resignation: Using Data-Driven Decisions

Together with HR & Payroll Specialists XCD, we'll dive into hiring & retention strategies to not only understand why employees turnover, but to provide businesses with the tools to Combat the Great Resignation . We'll be joined by panelists from The Growth Collective, RefugeeForce and Amphenol Communications Solutions who will be giving their expert insight and recommendations. 

September 30th, 2022 13:00 pm CET | 15:30 pm CET Online - Teams

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Leán Muller

Marketing & Commercial Director, RefugeeForce

Martijn Lodder

Co-founder, The Growth Collective

Wally Birsak 

HR Manager, Amphenol Communications Solutions 


It’s no secret that the Great Resignation continues to impact numerous industries in 2022. Many workers are leaving due to a combination of unsatisfactory wages, lack of recognition and skills development and failure to recognize the new normal of hybrid working. However, we believe that reasons for resigning stretch beyond these “general/well known” reasons.

During this event, our panelists will deep dive into key areas where employers are losing talent and what they can do to avoid this. With the help of industry leaders, we hope to give organizations tools to avoid the great resignation. 

  • Opening the event: 
    • Join Cloudteam Company and XCD Limited in opening the event and welcoming everyone. 
  • Creating Strategies against the Great Resignation:
    • The Growth Collective and many more panelists will be discussing the effects of the great resignation on organizations and how they are practically leveraging their data to create sustainable strategies against the Great Resignation. 
  • Dismantling Traditional Hiring Channels to Increase Employee Retention
    • With RefugeeForce we'll take a look at the various ways in which dismantling traditional hiring methods can increase employee retention. This includes make use of sustainable and social recruitment channels. 
  • The Three Data-Driven Steps to Improve Employee Retention
    • We'll finish off our event with a panel discussion with XCD whereby we will demonstrate Three Data-Driven steps companies can take to improve employee retention. This will include a practical demonstration through making use of XCD's HR & Payroll solution.




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