With the Company.info App on Salesforce, all key information on customers and vendors is instantly verified, enriched and updated automatically with the correct data. This saves time and gives assurance that your Account data is complete. 

The benefits:

  • Enriched Account records with general company data including Chamber of Commerce registration number, address, sector, number of employees and legal form. 
  • Correct financial data with extensive company credit information, VAT number and financial status. 
  • Total risk and compliance check including UBO-check, real-time company extracts and compliance check & monitoring 

How it works:

With the Appsolutely App, Company.info effortlessly enriches customer data on the Salesforce platform using various API's. You can simply choose what customer data you need enriched in your account and we'll do the rest. Watch the video below to see how the app works on the Salesforce platform. 

Find out more:

Find out more about the Company.info App for Salesforce by clicking through to the Salesforce App Exchange, or download the Company.info Data Sheet.